Stephanie E. Disch

To expose the unseen is to excite the eye.
To excite the eye is to ignite the mind.
To ignite the mind is to produce awe.

We rub shoulders daily with a hidden universe. Vitamins, minerals, salts and amino acids—all are a part of our life, but few have seen them like this. I take for example, a supplemental vitamin tablet, very ordinary and visually uninteresting. I then break it down, destroying the tablet into a fine powder. I take that powder and dissolve it using alcohol or water. Using a dropper, I take a small portion of the whole and put it on a microscope slide. The substance of the vitamin is now invisible—merely looking like a drop of water. I then wait. Days or months may pass by before I look through the microscope and see an amazing design. This design is seen only with the aid of special interference filters. What I see is the visual expression of the unique elemental structure of that vitamin.

These images are the source material for my paintings. I am so intrigued by the patterns and designs that I see through the microscope I want to make them larger, so that I might see what they look like in my world. On a larger scale, I see elements of terrain, and I have come to view this series of work as my private landscapes from the places I’ve visited.