Uncharted Terrain: Interferences and Perceptions

Vitamin B6, 400X

Salt, 400X

Alka-Seltzer, 400X

Vitamin B6, 400X

Vitamin C, 400X

Progesterone, 400X

Dinosaur Bone, 20x

Tiffany Stone, 15x

Jasper Stone, 15x


Acrylic on Glass

24'' Diameter

About the work

To really look – that is, to actually see – involves so much more than a simple retinal projection of color and light. In this series of paintings on glass, Stephanie Disch offers us close-up views of the most banal of materials – a crumb of an aspirin, a smattering of sugar, a tiny bit of Vitamin C. But this is not a simple act of magnification; on the contrary, these visions are the endpoint of an elaborate series of interceptions, interruptions, and interferences. These are less about close examination than they are about the perception of perception. These are about the nature of truth, an elegant reminder that there is nothing neutral about looking – whatever is seen is transformed in the act. Disch examines and interferes with the residues of daily life, and they emerge as glorious vistas of light and pattern. –S. Barsness


Uncharted Terrain: Interferences and Perceptions, 2